Sine was a Progressive Rock band from Siegen, Germany consisting of

Simon Prinz Drums
Thilo Maier Bass Guitar
Simon Gansen Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Sebastian Neuser Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals

It must have been around 2003, when Thilo Maier and Sebastian Neuser, two friends and then schoolmates, decided to form a Progressive Rock band. They began writing lyrics and searching for a singer and a drummer to complete the band's intended line-up. The latter role was soon fulfilled by Simon Prinz, who joined the band in late 2004.

The trio then began jamming and experimenting to determine their combined musical style. With several auditions of singers, pianists and guitarists, this phase lasted until 2007, when it was finally decided to search for a second guitar player and let Neuser sing the lyrics. A new lead guitarist was then quickly found in Simon Gansen, who joined the band in the summer of 2007.

Finally complete, the band finalized the songs that had already been work in progress, adopted some of Gansen's songs and compiled some of the material to their first album. As the whole production was done by the band members themselves – mostly Gansen and Neuser – it took quite some time to record the LP.

Still recording, the band began playing their first concerts in and around Siegen. To bridge the time to the release, it was decided to pre-release four songs in an EP called The Chicken-Egg Solution. It was released under a Creative Commons license in 2009.

Quite some time and a few gigs later the band's first full-length album Endoscopia was finally released after a (very small) gig in Aachen in 2011.

Already having plenty of "new" material in store, the band began working towards the next full-length album immediately after the release of Endoscopia, which featured mostly old songs from the time when the band had been a trio. While working on new songs to fill the next LP, the band played several gigs in and around Siegen.

Slowly but surely getting more and more sucked up in the mighty machine, the band and its members entered an era of absence: Gansen and Maier consecutively left Siegen for prolonged periods of time which made rehearsals rare and complicated both the recording process and working on new material. Nevertheless, the band continued and bit by bit completed, recorded, mixed and mastered their second LP just in time before Prinz left Siegen (and hence the band) for good in mid 2015.

A new drummer was quickly found in Ingo Groos, with whom Gansen had previously played in another band. The second, self-titled LP went into production in mid 2016 with the band working towards a release-gig. Unfortunately, that gig never took place: In August of 2016, Maier left the band due to creative and personal differences™. The remaining band members decided to drop the name Sine and start fresh with a new bass player.

With musical influences ranging from Black and Death Metal to Minimal and Ambient, Sine's music can be described as Progressive Rock / Metal.